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Li Feng

Li Feng is the eldest daughter of Rong, a Chinese matriarch. Her first name, Li (立), meaning “standing up/independence” in Chinese, was given by Rong to reflect the ideal that Rong had fought hard in her life.

My book: Forged From Silver Dollar

Forged From Silver Dollar is a true story about a Chinese matriarch, Li’s mother – Rong (Hibiscus in Chinese). The biggest irony of the largely male dominated Chinese society was that it also proved to be the perfect furnace to forge some of the toughest and most outstanding women in the contemporary era.


My consultancy offers a unique service to facilitate cultural, environmental, social and sustainable economic cooperation between Australia and China.

Forged from Silver Dollar

One family’s epic tale of survival in tumultuous 20th Century China

Forged with Silver Dollar

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